Stories of people I met


Song: Stars by Skillet. 

She was blond. She was beautiful with blue eyes. It was here eyes that were so special I thought, when I met her the first time. They were beautiful, so scandinavian, full of honesty, a big heart, but also a touch of sadness, something heavy. Clearly she was carrying something heavy around. She was wearing a dark blue summer dress with leggings the day that I met her. Her blonde hair was shining in the sun, and she was so friendly. She was my first scandinavian friend that I had, while I was studying abroad. She took my hand and helped me, when I didnt know anybody. She helped my to learn swedish, helped me to understand the swedish way of being, and she cooked the best köttbullar I ever had in my entire life haha. The last night I spent on campus she cooked köttbullar again for me and I think i never ate so many of them haha. I always remember to warm and cozy feeling when I entered her apartment, followed by this lovely smell in the air. There was always this "cozy coffee kanelbullar" smell so to say :D, because she always cooked and baked great things and I just loved the smell. 

I remember drinking in her cozy apartment on campus with her swedish friends, learning all those swedish party songs. I remember partying together, going to Copenhagen and to Tivoli and seeing the beautiful christmas lights. I remember being on the pubs and sitting on the lake, a few days after her bodyfriend broke up and she told me some stories. The sun was shining strong, it was the end of august. A beautiful swedish summer day. I felt so comfortable being there. A dream of mine to live in Sweden for a while became true. And it was exactly how I thought it would be: Amazing. And I was so happy I found a swedish friend so fast, because it was not that easy to connect so fast with Swedes.

I remember the morning I left Sweden, when she came to my car to say goodbye and she cried. It was a cold, grey january morning. I was a little bit surprised but I thought it was sweet. I didnt know that somebody could be so sad about me leaving, and it showed me, that she really liked me. We stayed in touch for a while, after I had left back to Germany. She also visited me here. Even though I enjoyed the time, I noticed, that something for me had changed and I was bothered by a few things. It was not that I didnt like her anymore, but I felt like she wanted a lot of space. The space I couldn't give her at this time. Anyways, I dont wanna get more into details at this point, because today it is Christmas. To make it short: I told her, or well, I texted her after some time, and told her what I thought, because I don't want to fake friendships. I don't have time and energy for that. But her reaction hit me like a surprise: So mature, and so grown up. She did not seem to be angry, accepted it and said, that she was thankful for my honesty. I couldn't think of anybody else who would have acted like this. I thought we would never hear from each other again. But life had other plans. 

Sometimes, people leave your life, and some years later, they come back. I had this now already a few times when I least expected it. Our connection and how we found back to each other was through my best friend. They ended up living in the same city and they knew each other because they met the years earlier through me. My best friend asked me, if it was okay for me if they met. Of course it was, why would I mind? Just because we were not in touch anymore, it didn't mean, that they could not be friends. 
My best friend started to tell me about her. She is good with reading people. And she spoke so positive about her. I got to know, that both of her parents had died during this time. So terrible. I didn't know what to do. Should I text her? But wouldn't that be stupid after not talking for 3 years? I didn't know. It made me insecure. My best friend and her started to meet up now and then. Through her, at one point, she and me started to get in touch again on social media. And I was so surprised (again haha), in a positive way. She was so kind to me, even though I ended the friendship. She even gave me compliments for my Podcast she was listening to. I realized, that she wasn't angry at me. And this really showed me her high level of emotional intelligence, a big heart and and a great personality. Because other people wouldn't ever speak to me again. She was able to let go of what was and even supported me, which came from her heart, I could tell, she wasn't acting. THAT IS STRONG, I thought. Wow. After all " I had done", she stands behind me. Only a very few people on earth are able to do this. I even would have understood if she didn't wanna see me again.

But this woman is good with surprises haha. I visited her this fall. And I was so flashed. I think she did such a mental and personal development in 3 years that I would probably do in 8. Insane. Who she became! I wanted to listen to her forever. She worked hard on herself in the last years , I could tell. We all did, I am pretty sure, but through her circumstances, she probably had to do it more intensively and harder. Tears came up when she told me her story. It went straight to my heart. I couldn't believe what she went through. And suddenly I felt so bad that I had left her. It was before all of this happened, but still. And even though we haven't seen each other for 3 years, it didn't feel strange for me. It felt normal, at least for me.   

This was a proof to me how things can change. How people can change, and how friendships can change. At one point in life, friendships maybe don't match anymore. But thats okay, thats life. But a few years later it might match again, you never know. Everything has its time. I was speechless for what had happened, but I was impressed of the woman she became. With all the darkness that had surrounded her, she herself turned out to be a shining diamond. With all her beauty inside and outside. Such a unique woman. A role model for thousands of women,  I wouldn't doubt that a second. So wise, so mature. Someone who understood how life works. Who can teach so many people. A real diamond with the power and beauty of the northern lights.   

Glad jul till dig. I am happy you stepped twice in my life. You will go very far.